What Is Acupuncture Good For?


Acupuncture is an integral part of ancient Chinese remedial processes. It is one of the oldest procedures used for curative purposes.

In acupuncture, certain points of the human body are enthused by manipulating and inserting thin metallic needles. This therapeutic treatment can be safely carried out on children, adults as well as elderly people.

Moreover, people who suffer from compromised immune system can also gain relief from this beneficial acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture can be used successfully to treat both mental and physical illnesses. It is also valuable for treating chronic diseases.

There are numerous benefits of acupuncture therapy that can help in overcoming various ailments.


Depression is a constant feeling of misery. Fatigue, anxiety and stress can be the underlying causes for depression. Studies have revealed that depression can be easily treated through acupuncture wherein the patient experiences comfort and relaxes.

Faster Recovery

Normally road accidents give rise to stiff neck or shoulder, severe pain, lower back pain, numbness and pain in the limbs. Acupuncture facilitates faster recovery and helps the patient to recuperate rapidly.

Weight Loss

The therapy is helpful in reducing weight. It curtails the craving for food and helps to keep the appetite under control. In this way, it treats the prime cause that leads to weight gain. Acupuncture can reduce up to 5kgs.

Pain Reduction

Offering help with chronic pain is the most prevalent application of acupuncture. Neck pain, arthritis, back pain, menstrual pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, joint sprains, digestive pain etc. are efficiently relieved by acupuncture.

Headache and Migraine

Acupuncture can assist in offering a soothing effect that can curb the trigger points of migraine and headache. Acupuncture for headache also aids in calming down.

Insomnia Cure

Insomnia and disturbances during sleep are generally caused due to pain, injury or stress. All these factors can be cured using this therapy therefore; insomniacs experience an improvement in their sleep after undergoing this treatment.


Angina is a heart ailment which causes severe chest pain primarily due to lack of oxygen and blood supply to the heart muscle. The therapy helps people that suffer from angina, by combating myocytes.

Controlling Blood Pressure

Acupuncture encourages the body to release polypeptides beta-endorphins, which helps in easing the blood pressure level. It also aids to keep the blood pressure under control for a long period of time.

Respiratory Health

The respiratory health can be positively impacted with acupuncture. Asthma, allergies, rhinitis and sinusitis are the conditions that can be alleviated with this therapy.

Infertility and Stress

Treating the condition of infertility is one of the most well-known benefits of acupuncture. The therapy has assisted several couples to cope with their stress levels and enhance their chances of fertility.

Reduces the Side-Effects of Chemo Therapies

This is considered to be a powerful benefit of acupuncture. The side-effects that can be relieved with acupuncture include fever, cough, anxiousness, depression, nausea, night sweats, pain, diarrhea, dry mouth and constipation. An improvement in the quality of life is experienced by most cancer patients that undergo radiations and chemo therapies.

Smoking Addiction

The use of fine needles on specific pressure points, aid to relieve anxiety and uneasiness caused due to nicotine withdrawal. In addition, acupuncture is an inexpensive way of quitting the habit of smoking as compared to the other remedial methods.

Strengthens the Immune System

Many times, our immune system weakens due to environmental toxins and allergens that make us more vulnerable to illnesses. Acupuncture stabilizes the energy systems in our bodies and makes them immune to diseases as well as disorders.

Overall, though the benefits of acupuncture have been recognized since the ancient time; to obtain its full benefits, you will have to seek the services of a licensed acupuncturist who is qualified enough to perform the treatment proficiently and accurately.

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