Look Your Best On The Beach: 5 Tips


With summer in full swing and the summer vacations just around the corner, people are starting to look forward to their summer vacations.

Everybody loves to spend a week or two lounging around by the pool or on the beach…

But this is also the time of year when everyone starts thinking about their waistline and how much they overate during the holidays.

When you are going to be lounging around in just a swimsuit, you want to look your best right?

Here are 5 tips to help with that:

You Don’t Have to Wear a Bikini

Just because the slim 20 some things are wearing them, there is no reason you can’t go with a traditional swimsuittankini or even tank suit. Using a sarong will also help you cover up any bits you are self-conscious about – helping you to feel more comfortable and more confident.

Get the right Fit for You

People come in different shapes and sizes, so do swimsuits. Make sure you get a swimsuit that will give you the support and comfort you need. Buying a cheap one is often a false economy, so consider going a bit more up market and get the support you need.

It’s not too late to Tone Up

Crash dieting is not good for you, but exercise and healthy eating certainly is. If you only have 4 weeks before you go away then set yourself a 30 day challenge to eat nothing but healthy food and start doing simple exercises 3 times a week. Nothing miraculous is going to happen, but you certainly have time to make a difference.

Look After Those Tresses

All of that sun and sea is wonderful for your skin, but it is hell on your fair – salt water and sunlight will dry out your hair and make it look lifeless if you are not careful.

Be prepared and bring along some quality shampoo and moisturizing conditioner and any other treatments you can find that will lock in the moisture. Keeping your hair looking shiny and full will improve your whole look.

Another option is to simply use quality hair extensions; you can have short practical hair but with the illusion of long luscious locks and you won’t have to ruin them any time you go in the water.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Getting a tan is all very good, but getting burned isn’t sexy. The best way to get a good tan is actually by using a sensible amount of sunscreen and taking regular breaks from the sun.

Giving your skin a chance to repair by sitting in the shade periodically will actually improve your tan and enable you to soak up the most sun without harming yourself.

And Finally…

Feeling self-conscious on the beach is perfectly normal, but you really don’t need to. If you follow these simple tips you will look your best, and that’s all you could really ask for isn’t it?