How To Know You Need An Eye Test?


As we age it is normally the case that at some point we have to consider going for an eye test when we discover that we are not quite seeing things as clearly as we once did.

There are a number of tell tale signs that now is perhaps the time to visit the optician and nine of the most common ones are listed below.

Blurry Vision

Perhaps the first sign, and the most common to affect people, is the gradual blurring of images, which is a direct result of the natural degeneration that we all suffer.

You will often notice this when you discover you are having to adjust the distance you need to be from an object to see it or even how you hold a newspaper or look at this very screen to then get the clearest picture possible.

Difficulty Focusing

The next sign is if you suddenly notice blurring in your vision or if you have difficulty focusing.

This can actually indicate other health problems that can be identified by an optician and you should consider getting your eyes tested even if the sensation tends to come and go or if it is only affecting one eye.

Disturbed Vision

The third main sign is if you suddenly notice your vision is being disturbed by things such as floaters, your vision is being obstructed, or even flashes of light.

This can indicate a problem with your retina and it can be quite serious, which is why you must have your eyes tested as soon as possible.

Frequent Headaches

If you have started to get more headaches then it can actually indicate that there is an issue with your eyes.

For a number of people they can actually be one of the earliest signs that your vision is changing as it is often linked to your eyes being strained so it will be better for your health if you can get it checked out in a test.

Severe Eye Strain

The fifth sign is linked more to the idea of eye strain; however, it is important to know the difference between general eye strain caused by being tired or reading too much and strain linked to something else.

This should only cause concern if you suffer from eye pain for a number of days and if it is worse when you make certain eye movements it may then indicate there is some kind of infection as well as changes to your general eyesight, which is why it needs to be checked.


Issues with squinting should make you consider having eye tests as it is something that we do naturally when we are having problems in seeing an item.

The way it works is by altering the light coming into the eye which, in turn, improves our vision; however, it does mean that you may require glasses.

Sensitivity to Light

If you find that you suddenly have issues with it, then this can indicate that there may be a number of different potential problems including an infection or various other diseases.

It is, therefore, best to get your eyes checked so the problem can then be identified and the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Eye Infection

If your eyes feel uncomfortable and if they are pink, have a discharge, swollen eyelids, and itchy then it may be a sign of an infection. By having an eye test the optician can then prescribe treatment to clear it up and make your eyes feel much better.

Regular Checkups

The final sign to appear on this list is if you have gone more than two years since your last eye test.

This is especially important if you are approaching forty or are older and it is not just an optician trying to get money out of you on a more regular basis.

Instead, it is all to do with identifying issues before they happen to then help preserve your health for longer.

So those are the signs that you may want to consider going for some eye tests and you can see that they go beyond just having the ability to still read the newspaper.

With new services offering online medical appointments it is easier than ever to find the first available eye doctor and perform all the necessary tests quickly and effortlessly.