5 Brisk Walking Tips You Might Want To Take Note Of


Brisk walking is one of the best forms of exercise that you can do. You don’t have to spend money for fitness gym subscriptions, nor buy exercise machines just to engage in it.

All you have to do is go out and walk around your neighborhood for a good 15 minutes to maybe about half an hour and you’ll get enough dose of exercise for that day. Do that daily and you’re guaranteed to stay fit and healthy. Walking also reduces the risks of acquiring cancer, hypertension, and diabetes.

It is also an effective stress reliever. These are just some of the many good reasons for doing daily brisk walking. But before you finally go out and start your brisk walking routine, you better stop for a moment first and check if you are fully ready to walk the block.

Preparing Yourself For A Brisk Walking Session

How do you prepare for a brisk walking session? There are many things you need to consider before you finally go for your daily stroll. You need to prepare your body and get the right exercise tools that will help you cope with this physical task. Here are some guidelines for you:

1- Check if you have the right exercise apparel on.

You will need a comfy and durable pair of walking shoes as well as snug and cozy shirt and shorts for this exercise activity. You can also wear jogging pants if you like. Depending on the weather, you might also want to put on a jacket, windbreaker, or sweater.

2- Grab a handy water bottle and fill it with cold water.

It is important for you to keep yourself hydrated while brisk walking. Thus, lugging a water bottle with you is greatly advisable so you can take water breaks every time you need it.

3- Get some warm-up exercises first before you finally take off.

It is advisable for you to do some stretching exercises first so you won’t have a sore body after your brisk walking rounds. Work those muscles up in advance and try to crack up a sweat if you can so you can get your blood pumping and ready for action.

4- Pace yourself especially if it’s your first time to do this.

Don’t be in a rush to accomplish a long brisk walking session. Start by going for a 15-minute walking time then work your way until you’re ready to increase your walking time. Learn to pace yourself properly so you don’t overwork your body.

5- Consult your doctor for anything and everything about your brisk walking activities.

Don’t forget to inform your doctor about your brisk walking plans. Consult him or her for any concerns you incur. It is always advisable to get the doctor’s advice for any health matters.

Do you want to engage in brisk walking now? You really should! If you don’t want to do fitness gym workouts then this is a really good alternative. So what are you waiting for then? Get those walking shoes ready now and start walking around the block as soon as you can!

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