Best Aids To Help You Quit Smoking

quit smoking

The Most Important

The single most important product is not something you can get off the shelf. It is very much a cliché yet an important point when it comes to quitting smoking, and that is that willpower is the most important thing.

You have to want it yourself, enough for your own health, your children’s sake, or whatever your motivation is going to be.

Assuming you have the willpower and need a helping hand across the finishing line, what are the other top products you can use to help on your smoking cessation quest?

Electronic Cigarette Kits

Electronic cigarette kits are one of the fastest growing smoking cessation aids in terms of their popularity. They are seen as a brilliant alternative to other aids, which we will explore later but are not for everyone.

Although electronic cigarette kits do still supply enough nicotine to meet cravings, there are other additional benefits, such as not inhaling tar, which you do not get with other methods while looking to cut down.

An electronic cigarette kit can bring immediate rewards, yet for those using them it is important to keep the longer term goal in site.

Nicotine Mist

Nicotine mist spray is still a relative unknown in the smoking cessation market. These work by spraying mist into the back of your throat, which it is said gives your body its nicotine fix and removes cravings.

These are currently being heavily advertised, and will likely prove the biggest rival to the electronic cigarette kit in years to come.

Nicotine Patches

Probably the best known and certainly the oldest method is nicotine patches. These products probably have a bit of a bad reputation as among the various smoking cessation aids they do have the highest rate of “failure” if you like.

One of the biggest drawbacks associated with nicotine patches is that it focusses on gradual withdrawal which, although in some respects similar to the electronic cigarette, does not seem to be able to have the same results.

Chewing Gum

Although chewing normal mint gum is seen as a popular alternative, nicotine gum is what we are looking at here.

A popular smoking cessation aid which again has mixed results, nicotine gum can be expensive in the long term, with cynics to the economic argument claiming they don’t save a great deal so continue to smoke, which is clearly short termism.

Electronic cigarette kits are the most popular, and will soon become the universally accepted best method of aiding smoking cessation.

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