Benefits of coffee in losing weight and reducing obesity How coffee works as an ideal diet


Benefits of coffee – The benefits of coffee are very numerous, but the most recent findings revealed by scientists are the benefits of coffee in weight loss and treatment of obesity,

as it helps the body burn more calories and avoid type 2 diabetes.

How does coffee help in burning fat?

Body fat is divided into brown and white fats since the latter makes up the largest portion of body fat,

 It is responsible for storing excess energy,

and thus weight gain.

Caffeine is thought to be part of the coffee that burns calories in the body,

and researchers from the University of Nottingham tested

 Their theory is on nine healthy volunteers,

on average 27 years old, after they find it worked in the lab.

The volunteers were prohibited from exercising and drinking caffeine or alcohol for at least nine hours before the test.

Then a group of volunteers got a cup of instant coffee,

while others got a glass of water,

 Their bodies were examined while they had caffeine effects on them.

How does the body benefit from coffee?

Professor Michael Simmonds noted,

 That previous studies revealed that brown fat is mainly located in the shoulder, neck and back areas, so they were able to easily monitor the effect of caffeine on participants.

Symonds added: “The results were positive and we now need to make sure that caffeine,

 As one of the components of coffee, is it a catalyst, or there is another component that helps in stimulating brown fat.

The thermal surveys showed that the brown fat of the participants became hotter when they drank coffee.2

This indicates that she was burning calories.

It was not clear from the study whether eating one cup of coffee in the morning would be sufficient to stimulate calorie burning throughout the day,

 Or if people should drink coffee more regularly.

Professor Simmonds said: “This is the first human study to show that something like a cup of coffee can have a direct impact on our brown fat functions.”

He added:

“The potential effects of our results are somewhat large because obesity is a major concern for society in addition to the growing diabetes epidemic,

 Brown fats can be part of the solution in treating them. ”

The team also found that when brown fat is activated,

the body does a better job of controlling the amounts of sugar and fats circulating in the blood.

 This may help control blood glucose, and thus protect people from type 2 diabetes.

Professor Simmonds and his colleagues will continue their studies to see if other caffeine sources can have benefits such as coffee.

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