Back pain is a disease of modern times. Causes and treatments for pain syndrome


Sports injuries are one of the most common causes of back and back pain. Because of their activities, professional athletes have a higher risk of receiving spinal injuries and developing chronic pain syndrome. According to statistics, up to 10% of sports injuries occur in the back area

Weightlifters, including bodybuilders and powerlifters, football players, basketball players, hockey players, figure skaters, skiers, tennis players, gymnasts and wrestlers are in the high risk zone.

The cause of injuries and damage to the back is an excessive load on the spine, as well as a lack of attention to pain. Athletes, like ordinary people, often ignore the need to go to professional doctors, resulting in complications and recurrent injuries leading to chronic back problems.

Regular back pain affects 80% of the world’s population. 98% of back pain has a mechanical cause.

About 2 million people visit the doctor every year because of back problems.

    Back pain is the most expensive disease to treat after heart disease and cancer.

In Russia, pain in the neck, lower back and back affects from 42 to 80% of adults.

    Diseases of the back are most common in people aged 30 to 50 years.

    Half of the entire working-age population of Russia takes sick leave every year due to back pain.

Causes of low back pain

One of the most common causes is spinal injury due to excessive exercise during sports and stereotypical physical activity.

Such injuries can have many consequences: vertebral fracture, rupture or deformation of the intervertebral discs (hernia), sprain and inflammation of the capsule of the joints, rupture of the ligaments of the spinal column.

Microtrauma can be obtained only as a result of an unsuccessful sudden movement, not to mention the constant physical exertion during sports.

You can also identify the following causes of back pain: spinal curvature, osteochondrosis, neuralgia, arthritis and inflammatory diseases, compression of nerve endings, oncological spinal tumors, postoperative and phantom pain, muscle spasm, fascia lesion (fibrositis).

The causes of chronic pain, in addition to injuries, can be diseases of various organs (for example, kidneys), burns, neuropathy, cancers and a sedentary lifestyle.

Of the possible reasons should not be excluded, and such a common phenomenon as stress. In addition, taking certain medications can cause pain in the back.

This should be known!

Among the specific causes of back pain can be distinguished sacral radiculitis, intestinal problems, diseases of the genitourinary system, scoliosis and lordosis of the thoracic region.

In general, the causes of pain in the lower back can be divided into primary (associated with changes in muscles and skeleton) and secondary (associated with various diseases of the skeleton and internal organs).

This means that you can start treatment only after a differentiated diagnosis!

Types of back pain

To begin with, chronic back pain is a physical and emotional experience that did not stop as a result of undergoing the necessary treatment and the elimination of all pathologies and injuries that caused the pain.

Chronic pain can be called, which last more than 6 months. Some doctors consider chronic pain syndrome to be a separate disease requiring special treatment.

Sharp back pain occurs less frequently than aching and pulling. Not very intense pain may indicate pathological changes in the muscles of the back.

The myotonic syndrome is characterized by a persistent increase in muscle tone, and the myofascial syndrome is characterized by the formation of painful indurations in the muscles – myogelloses.

Sharp and sharp pains in the lower back and back may indicate the occurrence of a microtrauma: damage to the vertebra or disc, rupture of the ligaments or distension of the joints, pinching of the nerve endings.

Acute piercing and shooting pains can occur as a result of doing hard work, lifting 


According to statistical data, in acute back pain in 10% of patients discogenic pain and pain associated with dysfunction of the facet joints are noted.

In 4% of cases, compression radiculopathy of the lumbosacral roots was detected, in 3% – neurological complications of lumbar stenosis, in 4% – compression fractures of the vertebral bodies associated with osteoporosis, and in 2% of cases – spondylolisthesis.


Spondylolisthesis – a disease that is most common in athletes involved in hockey, gymnastics, football, weightlifting.

The cause of this disease is frequent flexion-extensor movements of the waist, as well as high dynamic loads on the lumbar spine.


Diagnostics and treatment may include visits to a number of specialists: a neurologist, a trauma specialist, an orthopedist, a physical therapist, a manual therapist, a reflexologist, a therapist,

One of the popular non-drug ways to relieve localized pain is transcutaneous electroneurostimulation. This is a blockade of pain syndrome with the help of electrical impulses in the place of its localization.

Another effective method is biofeedback or biofeedback method created at the intersection of psychology and physiology.

A special device reads information from the patient’s body, after which its computer model is formed on the screen, which clearly shows all the processes occurring in the body, including pain.

Finally, in some cases, 100% treatment of the disease of the back is possible only with the help of a surgical intervention – as a rule, these are particularly severe, chronic processes or severe injuries.

To avoid such radical intervention, you should always pay attention to preventive measures and consult a doctor in time.

Preventive actions

You can do back pain prevention right now – pay attention to your posture and correct it, make the workplace more comfortable, and in the intervals between work, do a small set of stretching exercises that will improve blood circulation not only in the back, but in all organs.

Avoid overvoltage, stress, overload and sudden movements. Sometimes it makes sense to wear a corset to maintain posture, it is important to have a routine examination by a chiropractor and regular massage treatments.

If pain occurs, always contact a specialist to identify the problem at an early stage and save time and money in the future.

Remember: professional assistance is necessary not only during the direct treatment of the disease, but also during rehabilitation, which is a mandatory and, perhaps, the most important component in the process of dealing with diseases of the spine.