5 Reasons Orlando Doctors Want You to Take a Nap


Often taking naps in our modern go, go, go society is considered a sign of laziness rather than productivity. In spite of the stigma attached to it, taking a quick nap is extremely beneficial.

From your outer appearance, to your internal health, taking a 30-90 minute nap before four in the afternoon can be helpful. Here are five reasons why our Central Florida Internists say that you should consider an afternoon snooze.

Better Cognitive Skills

Multiple studies have all proven the same thing: napping sharpens your mind. After a brief 30 minute nap your brain has better judgment and decision making skills. Learning and retaining new information comes easier as well. Napping also refreshes your brain permitting it to form new associations, a key element in creativity.

Increased Alertness

As the day drags on our senses tend to dull. Naps help revitalize your senses causing an increase in awareness of one’s surroundings. Napping also promotes better focus by allowing you to block out every day idle chatter.

This in turn assists in getting a good nights rest later in the evening. Over all this new alert feeling combined with improved cognitive skills results in increased productivity.

Improved Mood

Stressed, groggy, and cranky describes far too many people as they reach the second half of their day. Over all napping helps alleviate these feelings and improves one’s mood.

Napping also helps prevent the feeling of burnout. People are not meant to always be on the go, but in modern society it may seem as if that’s the only option. Slowing down and taking a 30 minute nap mid-day helps combat the feeling of burnout.

Better Health

Did you know that people who nap daily are 37% less likely to die of heart disease? For working men, napping was found to make them 64% less likely to die from heart disease!

Napping doesn’t just reduce the risk of heart disease though. Your risk of stroke, irregular heartbeat, and high blood pressure can all be reduced with a quick nap.

Helps with Weight Loss

While napping is an inactive action it does help you lose weight. A lack of sleep actually increases the hormones that tell your body you’re hungry and decreases hormones that tell you when you’re full. On top of that a lack of sleep can also cause you to crave high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods.

Napping, however, helps improve processing of carbohydrates, improves your metabolism, and better regulates the hormones that cause hunger.