Want to lose your weight without paying to some obesity clinics? Now it’s all in your hands! Yes, here are some best foods for weight loss.

Hope you can try taking these foods after reading the full article.

30- Brown rice

An alternative to white rice is Brown rice that is rich in fiber .This healthy carb gives 1.7 Gms of resistant starch when you take just half cup, which in turn burns fat by increasing the metabolic rate.

It is very low calorie food that gives you full and heavy feeling throughout the day.

29- Sardines

This cheap omega 3s rich food helps to strengthen the cardio vascular system and also helps to change your mood. If your mood is good then obviously you don’t feel like to have some junk food.

It’s really a great food for those who want to lose their weight. This protein rich food helps to stabilize blood sugar and so feel your stomach full.

28- Broccoli

However you take this either raw or cooked; this is the best nutritious vegetable that fights against obesity.

It is a low calorie and low fat food which when you take more fills you with high fiber.


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